HCM 40

  • Book Design
Celebrating forty years of a renowned architecture firm

This 300-page, limited edition book was designed to celebrate forty years of the Baltimore-based architecture firm, Hord Coplan Macht (HCM). The book includes an essay on the origin story of the company, a timeline of milestones, and significant projects from HCM’s portfolio organized into four categories that fall under the theme of Creating Place: Design, People, Studio, and Care & Delight.

We at Ashton Design worked very closely with the client to bring this book to life. We guided the selection and pacing of photographs, shaped the messaging throughout, and took great care with every tiny detail—from paper selection, to foil stamp color, to the depth of the emboss impression on the cover. The HCM 40th anniversary logo, which Ashton Design also created, “animates” in and out through a sequence of end papers.

gif of animating end pages
book cover

spread from book
spread from book showing chapter opening
spreads from book
spread from book
spread from book
spread from book
Name of every person that has ever worked at HCM

spreads from book

My Role
Design, Project management, Production management
Year Completed

Designed at Ashton Design.

Creative Direction: Jenny Hoffman
Logo Design: Michael Ponton
Photos by: Heather Broadhead
Printer: PCA/RRD