University System

  • Annual Report, Print
Reporting on an organization’s impact on the state of Maryland

Annual report designed at Ashton Design for the University System of Maryland (USM), which comprises 12 separate institutions and more than 176,000 students. The annual report was designed as a social media campaign with daily statistics about the state’s higher education system. We then grouped those statistics into themes that communicated the overall impact USM had on the state of Maryland in 2018, and reformatted them into a small print publication.

gif of report spreads
spread of letter from the chancellor
75% of bachelor's degrees in Maryland are awarded by USM
spread showing data about student enrollment
spread with information on volunteer hours
nearly 50% of USM undergraduates are underrepresented and other minorities
spread with data on degrees awarded to underrepresented minority students
spread with information on innovation and economic growth
spread showing information about startup funding for USM ventures
spread with info on environmentally sustainable buildings on USM campuses
data about various degrees awarded at USM institutions
back cover of report
front cover of report

My Role
Design, Project management, Production management
Year Completed

Designed at Ashton Design.

Creative Direction: Alexey Ikonomou
Designed in collaboration with: Brian Ahola

See campaign on USM’s website here.