Old Ellicott City

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Representing a town with an independent spirit

Old Ellicott City is a beautiful, historic main street and a thriving downtown with an ever-expanding mix of exciting shops and restaurants. While working at Ashton Design, we created a responsive, high performant website for the town that fully represents its quirky, independent spirit.

Old Ellicott City was built among seven hills—represented by a 7-pointed star in the identity, which inspired the design concept for the website. The points of the star are carried throughout the design system.

The town continues to rebuild after two devastating flash floods. The website highlights businesses and events in the historic Maryland town and fosters community involvement.

Old Ellicott City website

Old Ellicott City website sitemap
Old Ellicott City wireframes with descriptions of content requirements
Wireframes with descriptions of content requirements

Old Ellicott City website homepage

Old Ellicott City website events and dining landing pages
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Old Ellicott City website article and events pages

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Design concept, Design system, QA, Project management
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Designed at Ashton Design.

Creative Direction: Alexey Ikonomou
Front-end & WordPress Development: Kelsey Cahill, TJ Pitre
Logo Design: Brian Ahola