Flower Dots

  • Packaging, Print
Playful packaging for alliums, tulips, and daffodils

A landscape architecture studio in Washington, D.C. had an idea: Offer the luxury of landscape architecture to all by selling packaged flower bulbs at garden stores. Moody Graham requested simple, modern packaging for five types of alliums, tulips, and daffodils. The product line, called Flower Dots, consists of color-coordinated paper tubes of about 20 spring flowering bulbs.

The playful instructions encourage people to “paint” with the flowers by planting the bulbs in “spots” (circular arrangements), “snakes” (curvy lines), and “swarms” (irregular shapes). The beauty of the packaging precedes the eventual blooms and cultivates a participatory experience through simple elegance—a little exercise of landscape architecture in a tube, so to speak.

flower bulb packaging tubes arranged like dots on a grid
flower bulb packaging tubes in a row
flower bulb packaging label with instructions for planting
flower bulb bulb packaging artfully arranged
daffodil, tulip, and allium icons
flower bulb packaging tubes
gif visualizing flower "dots" moving into swarm, snake, and dot shapes.

My Role
Design, Project Management, Production Management
Year Completed

Designed at Ashton Design.

Creative Direction: Jenny Hoffman
Gif by
: Heather Broadhead