Ohio Auto Recovery
Concept for, unused
OSU poster
Ohio State Design Exhibition 2018 Poster
The Life of Julia, an interactive infographic for Obama 2012
Original typeface and screen-printed poster
Letterpress birth announcement
We the People letterpress poster
Globe Letterpress Notebooks
Eating Rainbow letterpress poster
Yes We Can letterpress poster
Hand-lettered and letterpress-printed wedding invitations
Station North map
Logo for Ladew Gardens Annual Garden Glow Event
Various logos
Double spread explaining the community development process
infographic in The Atlantic
information design poster on melting polar ice caps
Choose-your-own-recipe for gumbo
Records for Life contest submission (group project at MICA)
Alter-ego explorations
Good Food, Good Life letterpress poster
Share graphics for Obama re-election 2012 ↓
Voter registration placards, Obama 2012
Placards for Democratic National Convention 2012
Infographics for Obama 2012