Hi. I'm Amanda Buck, a print and web designer in
Baltimore, Maryland. I'm currently studying at MICA, where
I am working toward my MFA in Graphic Design.




Roadmap to Community Development

This fold-out booklet was conceived as a visual introduction to and celebration of the work of community development. It describes the people and processes involved, and aims to welcome more people to greater levels of participation.

Conceptualized, written, and illustrated by Daniel Splaingard as a self-initiated "thesis" for his Rose Fellowship at Bickerdike in Chicago. 

My role: design, strategy, and art direction.


Alter Ego: Walker Scout

Designed under the mentorship of Jennifer Cole Phillips and Silas Monro at MICA, GD MFA.

For the Alter Ego project, we were tasked with developing a persona that amplifies, undermines, or rediscovers an element of who we are, and then produce design work in that role. I created photographs, a book, writings, posters for the exhibition, and embroidered scout patches. 

My persona is Walker, a Seeker: Urban Scout in Baltimore, Maryland. She explores and seeks the vernacular, structure, and texture of cities. Walker accomplishes this by wandering, walking, and biking through the urban fabric—always documenting her findings along the way. Her documentation process includes drawing, photographing, writing, and collecting objects found in the city, which are then grouped and analyzed for patterns and insights.



Adler Annual Report

Designed at Kym Abrams Design

2011 Annual report for Adler School of Professional Psychology. 



PieLab Informational Handout

Designed in collaboration with Megan Deal

Printed on newsprint, tabloid size, and folded into a booklet. The PieLab slogan, a Q & A, and a mind map which represents the process went through to create the shop, is revealed as it is unfolded.


LGBT Accomplishments Handout

Art Direction: Carly Pearlman

This fold-out booklet explains accomplishments made for the LGBT community during President Obama's first term. It was handed out at Pride parades across the country during the campaign for re-election.


PieLab Cookbook: The Dollop Report

Created for PieLab with Scout Books

While working at PieLab in 2010, I planned a community Bake-Off which was held in June of that year. I compiled the winning recipes into a cookbook but had difficulty acquiring the funds to print them. During the following year, I was fortunate to befriend some wonderful folks at Pinball Publishing / Scout Books. They offered to team up with PieLab and donate the printing costs. The cookbook evolved into what you see below, a pocket-sized cookbook featuring favorite recipes from PieLab as well as recipes from the 2010 Bake-Off.  Plus, they fit into a recipe box! 

Photos by Taryn Cowart.



Democratic National Convention Placards

Art Direction: Carly Pearlman and Josh Higgins; Photos by Christopher Dilts and Scout Tufankjian


African Americans for Obama Handout

Art Direction: Carly Pearlman; Designed with Zach Stubenvoll

This piece was intended to persuade, inform, and inspire African American voters in Ohio.


Building Our Future Newsletters

Redesign of Harvard University Art Museum's quarterly newsletter. 
Designed under the mentorship of Kim Walker at MICA, GD MFA.




Periphery Magazine

Inspired by the podcasts 99% Invisible and Memory Palace, I created Periphery as a magazine about our built world and the invisible things that shape it. It was a lot of fun to curate the content and imagery, and then design the entire magazine. All images and content used for educational purposes only. 
Designed under the mentorship of Kim Walker at MICA, GD MFA.