Hi. I'm Amanda Buck, a print and web designer in
Baltimore, Maryland. I'm currently studying at MICA, where
I am working toward my MFA in Graphic Design.




Globe Notebooks

Notebook cover design inspired by classic Globe Posters from the Globe Collection and Press at MICA. I designed and printed these for Globe to sell at MICA's annual Holiday Art Market. Notebook pads are made with repurposed scrap paper, and cover paper is chip board.




A choose-your-own-recipe adventure for Gumbo! This classic New Orleans’ dish is a great example of the mixture of cultures in the historic city. The poster itself illustrates the possibilities, as well as the limits, of letterpress printing. Printed in a 40-poster-series at Studio 150 (now The Southern Letterpress) in Alabama using 7 colors and 10 print runs. It was printed on Crane’s Lettra Letterpress paper, using hand-cut polymer, hand-set metal type, wood type, and photo polymer.


Eating Alabama 

Poster of a quote from the film Eating Alabama by Andrew Grace. 


PieLab Merchandise

Designed and printed with other PieLab designers 

Letterpress-printed tote bags and posters made to sell in PieLab.  Printed at Kennedy Prints in Gordo, Alabama.


We the People

A participatory letterpress poster in which I asked 27 designers to draw selected words from the Preamble of the United States Constitution. These drawing styles are as eclectic and diverse as the people of this country. Printed in a 50-poster series at Evanston Print & Paper in Chicago, IL in 7 print runs on Crane’s Lettra Letterpress paper.


Yes We Can

Created to inspire the country to re-elect our President, Barack Obama. Printed in a 45-poster series at Evanston Print & Paper in Evanston, IL, in 3 print runs on 12" x 18" ultra-thick chip board.


Eating Rainbow

Featuring classic metal type, this poster shows a list of fruits and vegetables rendered in the colors nature made them. Printed in a 40-poster series at Studio 150 (now The Southern Letterpress) in Alabama using 8 colors on Crane’s Lettra Letterpress paper.