Hi. I'm Amanda Buck, a print and web designer in
Baltimore, Maryland. I'm currently studying at MICA, where
I am working toward my MFA in Graphic Design.




Life of Julia

Designed with Ryan Paule, Dan Carson, and Drew Roper, in collaboration with Obama for America's Development and Policy Teams

This interactive, illustrated infographic lets people see, in a visually compelling format, how President Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s policies could affect the life of an average, middle-class American woman. It was also parodied on The Daily Show.



Voter Registration Placards

Art Direction: Carly Pearlman; designed with Kate Holloway

These 11 x 17 posters were designed during President Obama's re-election campaign and were each aimed at a specific constituency (Latinos, Hispanics, LGBT Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders). They were intended to assist people in encouraging their friends and family to get to the polls.


Fuel Efficient Airlines

Art Direction: Morgan Clendaniel

This graphic, about the most fuel efficient airlines, was created for GOOD's Transparency series. GOOD's transparencies are visual narratives and explore experiential ways of displaying information.