Hi. I'm Amanda Buck, a print and web designer in
Baltimore, Maryland. I'm currently studying at MICA, where
I am working toward my MFA in Graphic Design.




Made in Opa-Locka

Made in Opa-Locka is a project by architects Bonner & Stayner that transforms Miami’s most notorious neighborhood, The Triangle, into a vibrant collection of small businesses and civic spaces. They work with artists and residents to design and start small businesses centered around arts, technology, and community services.


Black Belt Bamboost

Designed with the Black Belt Bamboost Design & Marketing Communication Team

Black Belt Bamboost is a community-driven, educational nonprofit. Their goal is to use a community bamboo garden in Northport, Alabama to boost awareness of the Black Belt region's suitability for large-scale bamboo cultivation and development of associated industries.



Eating Alabama

I worked with filmmaker Andrew Grace to create this wordmark for his film Eating Alabama, which is a story about why food matters. 


Mockingbird Farm

Mockingbird Farm is a start-up family farm that plants and sells seasonal fruits and vegetables in Uniontown, AL. I worked with them to design a logo in color and grayscale, as well as business cards, and an alternate logo for use as a rubber stamp.


It Takes One

 Art Direction: Josh Higgins & Carly Pearlman

These are killed identity concepts for an initiative started by First Lady Michelle Obama during the re-election campaign. The initiative was based on the belief that one person can make a difference, and it encouraged folks to inspire at least one other person to join in the movement to move this country forward.